• 1. Select Services

    Add your desired service levels to your cart and complete checkout. Dual Grading is available on the drop-down menus.

  • 2. Complete Order

    Complete checkout, Pop Pay is available as an option.

  • 3. Ship

    Print out your order confirmation and include it in the package with your submission. Make sure to label your cards if they are on seperate service levels.

  • Choosing the right level

    Keep in mind that your stated declared value serves to determine the service level under which you can submit that item. For example, if you declare that your item is valued $1200 in its graded form, you cannot submit at any service level other than Regular or higher. Failure to properly value or submit your item under the correct service level could delay your order or subject it to necessary pricing corrections at any point in the process. For more information regarding Declared Value, refer to our FAQ section

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