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Card Review

Card Review

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We have 2 options for reviewing your cards now...

1. The standard Pass / Fail review, where you give us a minimum grade that you would like for your cards and we strictly pass or fail them based on our greatest estimation of what we believe the card will grade. This Review will not include a Card Saver Label.

2. The Detailed Review, where you will get a label highlighted with the defects we found (color coded to each defect) and the likely grade we estimate the card will grade. Keep in mind the grading process seems as hard as its ever been to estimate the difference between a 9 & 10 so we will be extremely conservative on the likely grade. The best aspect of this review system is the defect labeling, you now get to see where the defects are and why its earned the likely grade instead of the Pass / Fail system.

Bundle Discount: Submit 11 or more cards for .50 Off each card. The Discount will be automatically applied in your cart.

Please use this service for personal reasons only, do not buy or sell cards based on our review label. Cards can be freely removed from the Card Savers that have the label. We are not a grading company and do not want our reviews being used as leverage in a sale. This Service is for the collector who would like to have their cards pre-screened before the actual grading process.

Please allow 1-2 Business weeks for completion of Detailed Card Review. Once your cards have been completed we will contact you regarding shipping back to you or which cards you would like to submit for PSA Grading. You do not have to use us for grading to use this service.

Upon completion of your order at PSA we will contact you to pay for your return shipping. You will choose the carrier and insurance options for your items on our shipping page.

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