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Reholder Options

Reholder Options

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Please do not use Shop Pay Installments on this Service Level, you will be refunded.

Please note: All items will be automatically reholdered UNLESS (1) the sonic weld on the PSA case shows signs of tampering or (2) the PSA case is fractured over the item itself. If the case is fractured over/near the item, it will be examined raw to ensure it has not sustained damage and that the original grade is still valid.

We drop off at PSA every Thursday. Your package needs to be delivered by Tuesday evening to make the cut off. If your package is received after the cut off, it will be delivered the following week.

Card Value: Up to $9,999

Please include a copy of your order with your cards when you ship to us.

Ship Address is located at the bottom of the page.

Upon completion of your order at PSA we will contact you to pay for your return shipping. You will choose the carrier and insurance options for your items on our shipping page.

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