Q.  How do I know which Service Level to use?

March 1st, 2021 Update: Service levels are based solely on Declared Values and not turnaround times for the foreseeable future.

The most common mistake when choosing a service level with PSA occurs when customers try to squeeze High Valued cards into a lower level submission. Use the value of the card to determine the service level, rather than trying to pick a service level solely based on the days it may take. If you’re worried about turnaround times, you may insert any card valued under $99 to any of the service levels. I like to think of the max declared value as an insurance level. If you try to sneak a $500 card into a 45 day sub ($99 max declared value level limit) and PSA happens to damage your card, PSA will only cover $99 of value. Selecting the correct level of service based on the monetary value of your card will ensure your card’s full value is insured. See Home Page for all Service Levels and Declared Value Limits.


 Q.  How do I find the declared value of my cards?

There are several ways to find the values of your cards, the best way is to look over the following links and grab the average from the most recent sales, if there isn't an exact sale of your cards you can cross reference them with other products of the same player. Declared values do not have to be exact, getting in the ballpark will lead you to the right Service Level.

130 point

Ebay (Sold Listings)

Card Snoop

Card Mavin


Q.  Why is dropping off and picking up at PSA an advantage?

There are Two main advantages in having your cards dropped off and picked up at PSA Headquarters... 

1. The less amount of time your cards are in the mail, the better!

2. PSA estimates an 8-9 week lead time to get all mail in orders processed through the receiving department

Number 2 on the list can speed up your order by 8-9 Weeks! If that isn't a reason to use a hand delivery and pick up Preferred Dealer

like us, I don't know what is!

Q.  How should I ship my cards?


Q.  Can you Prep / Clean my cards?

We offer a Review service and a Micro Fiber wipe for dust and fingerprints, we cannot add any foreign substance to your card to alter / clean in any way. Please visit the store for more information on card reviews.


Q.  Can you crack cards out of slabs (BGS/PSA)

We can crack cards for resubmission with your request, the fee is $2 per card. Use "Custom Amount" at checkout to pay for our cracking services. We are very strict on our cracking practices and have many years of experience but we are not responsible for any damage that may occur if an accident happens.


Q.  When do I pay?

Check out on the website prior to shipping your cards to us or include Cash / Check with your shipment. If you are paying with Cash or Check you still need to checkout on the website and use the "COD" option for payment.

Make Checks Payable to: Level Up Sportscards


Q.  What types of Payments do you accept?

We accept Cash, Checks, Credit / Debit Cards, ACH / Wire Transfers, and PayPal. Credit / Debit Card Payments will be subject to a 2% fee which is already added to the online checkout price and 2.9% will be added to PayPal Invoices to cover their fees (4% for International transactions.) We cannot take Friends & Family. If you are paying by cash or check please submit payment with your card shipment.


Q.  How do you keep my cards from getting mixed up with other peoples cards?

As soon as packages arrive we open one at a time, your order is stuck in a bin with your information and brought to the computer for input, we count your cards and make sure all of the information needed is present. We will contact you to confirm the amount of cards and the service levels. Once you have confirmed, we will insert your information and cards on to our in house spreadsheet. If you send in 25 cards, there will be line items 1-25 and your cards will be submitted onto PSA's website in the same order, the next customers cards will start at line item 26 and so on and so forth. PSA will grade the group in order they receive them, our spreadsheet will match up to PSA's paperwork and the serial numbers on your cards will be in sequential order for all 25 of your cards. If two people are sending in multiples of the same card, we will make sure they aren't in the same lot when submitting. If you plan on sending 75 or more cards, we can put all your cards on one submission sheet, which we refer to as a  "Personal Submission", every card in that submission will be yours.


Q.  Should I check on my cards throughout the grading process?

It's best to be patient when waiting for your cards to be fulfilled while at PSA but if you absolutely need to check on your order you can email track@levelupsubs.com at any time and we will track down your order with just your name on file. Please give us 24 hours to respond.


Q.  Why did I get upcharged and what does it mean?

If the grade given to your card significantly surpasses the service level it was submitted at, PSA will apply the difference between the original service level price and the new service level price. This doesn't happen very often but be prepared on the cards that are significantly more valuable when given a higher grade.


Q.  How do I know when my order is ready to ship back to me?

Once your graded cards are picked up, sorted, packaged, and weighed we will contact you about shipping services. We will contact you with the amount of cards that are ready to ship, you will then check out on the website with whichever shipping method you prefer and if you'd like to insure your package. You will be responsible for paying all shipping and insurance fees. You may also send us a shipping label after we provide the package information.