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Please fill out the form below before you send your cards in. We will be in contact with you within 24-48 Hours of receiving your completed form. FAQ's at bottom of page.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who pays ebay fees and shipping when my items sell?

 We take care of all fees associated with a sale. This includes eBay, PayPal, shipping, etc. 


How do I get paid?

 Level Up Sports Cards pays out consignments via Paypal Goods & Services, ACH/bank transfer, or company check. On the Consignment Submission Form, you can let us know what your preferred payout method is.


When do I get paid?

 Payouts are made once the buyer’s payment has cleared. This is typically 24-72 hours after the buyer remits payment for a card. If you're sending in a group of cards we will make one payout after the last card is paid for. The average payout will be made 7 Business days after your listings have ended. 


What happens when an item goes unpaid for?

 We will wait 4 days after the auction closing date for payment. If no payment is received, then the card gets re-listed. In this case, we offer payout for the portion of sales in which payment was received for. The re-listed card will then be paid out for at a later date. We charge $1 per listing if your item doesn’t receive a bid. 


How long does it take for my cards to be listed?

 All submissions with less than 20 items are to be listed within 3 business days of Level Up Sports Cards receiving  the submission. Any submissions with more than 20 items are to be listed within 5 business days of Level Up Sports Cards receiving the submission. You will receive an email with a photo of every item we received in your package.


How long are your auctions?

 All cards are sent to 7-day auctions & start at $0.99 unless otherwise requested by the submitter on the Submission Form. We do not set a reserve on any listings.


Does Level Up Sports Cards pay for me to ship my items to them?

 All shipping costs associated with shipping your items to Level Up Sports Cards are the responsibility of the submitter.